– Alex Sewell

Interviews with Artists

In 2017, as part of our ongoing commitment to arts dialogue and education, we began archiving interviews with the artists we have worked with at the Arts Research Collaborative. It is our hope that the collected conversations will continue to be a vital resource for all who visit.

Alex Sewell 2017

What do you “do” and what kind of work have you done prior to this show?

I’m a painter who focuses on narrative based painting incorporating autobiographical content and faux drawings inspired by semiotics.

What led to these pieces and where do you draw inspiration from?

I made the majority of the work up at ARC in the month prior to the exhibition after a solo show at TOTAH in NYC. The drawings were made in France during last summer.

How would you describe your process and how do you know when you’re finished?

My process stays pretty consistent due to specific material concerns. At a certain point I just “stop” the painting I’m working on. It’ll feel complete enough to me, and then the drawing comes last.

Do you have a favorite piece in the show?

Probably “Portable Experience Disseminator,” although it’s a little funky.

What is art’s role in our society?

To invite people to create new dialogue. To inspire different social, political, and personal hypothetical scenarios. To make people feel something.

Do you have any closing thoughts or life advice for artists?

Have utter conviction in your art, but be humble.